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What You’ll Learn in Fat Loss Transformation Secrets… 
Founded in 2008 by PT & company CEO Daine McDonald & since our beginning, Clean Health has been focused on achieving epic client transformations with any client that walked through its doors!

Our first gym was opened in 2012, & by 2015 we had 3 locations. By the time we closed our gym doors in 2020 to go all-in on online education, we had completed over 250,000 coaching sessions.

Since 2014, we've educated over 50,000’s personal trainers worldwide, and our mission is to raise the level of knowledge and skills for 500,000+ fitness professionals worldwide by 2030!  
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We guarantee our FREE online course will give you a step-by-step system to create epic fat loss transformations in just 12 weeks! 
 What You’ll Learn in Fat Loss Transformation Secrets… 
  • The Fundamentals of Fat Loss: Unlock the fundamentals of fat loss and learn the science behind shedding fat and the body’s process for doing so.
  • Lifestyle Considerations for Fat Loss: Learn about the science of stress and how you can manipulate it to create epic client results! 
  • Nutrition 101 for Fat Loss: Learn how to calculate client TDEE, macros & how to structure your client's diets to create results that are the envy of your colleagues!
  • Program Design Methods for Fat Loss: Unlock the principles of periodisation and learn our battle-tested program design methods for optimising client results.
  • Putting it All Together & Conclusion: Learn how to put everything you’ve learnt into practice with the exact step by step system that we've used with 100k+ clients! 
  • BONUS 100+ Page Textbook & Templates: You’ll receive 12-week programming templates & a 100+ page textbook to help you lock everything in!
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